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Advantages of Stomach Balloon

Benefits of gastric balloon

1. Endoscopy can be performed on the esophagus within 10-15 minutes.

2. The patient can be discharged within 2-4 hours after gastric balloon surgery.

3. In contrast to surgical procedures, gastric balloon application is one of the reversible procedures.

4. The balloon in the stomach can be easily removed, especially if an unexpected complication occurs.

5. No organ and system containing stomach in balloon application
No changes were made in the study.

6. Postoperative living standards can never be improved.

7. Only the balloon placed in the stomach needs space to reduce the feeling of eating and the amount of food.

8. Compliance with postoperative diet and exercise programs is one of the fastest ways to reduce excess weight.

9. The most important factor in choosing the balloon placed in the stomach within 6-12 months
The stomach removes the stomach to be restored.

10. It is more cost effective than surgical procedures.

11. Can be repeated if the expected weight is not reached after the first application
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12. Compliance with body structure and postoperative programs
In practice, weight gain of 10 to 30 kg is achieved in 6 to 12 months.

13. At the end of this period, the balloon is removed from the stomach,
After our surgery has changed and become more mentally tolerant, weight loss continues after surgery.

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