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Diabetes and Nutrition

Diets and diets for diabetics are very important. In order to keep your sugar under control and at the same time to live in a healthier way, you have to be under the control of our doctor Yunus Topal and you should eat food suitable for your diabetes. The first aim of diabetes treatment will be to keep your blood sugar under control and to make you stay healthy and fit.

Another technique suggested by our physician Yunus Topal is to measure your blood sugar approximately 1.5 hours after your meal and evaluate the result. High means that that food is not for you.

Foods Diabetes Patients Can Eat:

You can easily consume fish twice a week.
You should eat fiber-rich dishes. Vegetables and fruits will be very suitable.
Yoghurts, cheeses and milk with low fat content can be consumed.
Bread consumption is very limited and you need to pay attention.

Foods Diabetes Patients Should Not Eat:

You should avoid foods that contain saturated fat.
Processed foods should be avoided because most contain trans fats.
To keep cholesterol in balance, you must consume animal proteins.
The daily amount of salt should be limited. You should consume a teaspoon.

Diabetes and Nutrition patients are not obliged to eat with a special menu in general, but be careful to eat less but frequently. Take care not to eat two meals a single meal or a continuous snack, especially every day from each food group.

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