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Transit Bipartition

What is Transit Bipartitation Surgery?

Sleeve gastrectomy (tube stomach) + Transit bipartitation is a relatively new surgical technique introduced by Sergio Santoro in 2012 for the first time. Loop Transit Bipartitization is a relatively low-risk operation that is as effective as other operations in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. The operation is technically safer. The biggest plus is that it causes much less vitamin-mineral deficiencies than other absorption disrupting surgeries. The duodenum, ie the duodenum, is significantly improved in diabetes and other concomitant diseases without disabling the intestine. However, as it is a relatively new operation, our knowledge about the long-term effect on diabetes is not yet clear.

How is Loop Transit Bipartition Surgery Performed?

In the first stage of the surgery, a slightly larger tube than the standard is gastric surgery. This reduces hunger hormone (Ghrelin). A connection is then made from the lower part of the stomach to 250 cm behind the point where the small intestine enters the large intestine. 2/3 of the nutrients in the stomach pass through the newly formed passage to the last 250 cm of the small intestine and the rest to the duodenum. The advantages thus obtained are:

The lasting weight loss effect is greater than tube stomach surgery.
The most feared complication of tube gastric surgery is leakage. The most important cause of leakage is high pressure in the stomach. This anastomosis reduces the risk of leakage by reducing stomach pressure.
Vitamins and mineral deficiencies are less common as some of the food continues to pass through the small intestine in the normal way.
It is a revision method that can be applied in a much more practical way than all other revision operations, especially after gastric surgery where weight gain is seen again.

Due to sugar surgery, the patient is cured of the diabetes disease precisely and permanently. Improvement in hemoglobin values ​​in the third month after surgery can be easily understood. Advantage of Transit Bipartition surgery; This is because you don’t have to use minerals for a lifetime because of the deterioration of some, not all, absorption of food.

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