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Tube Stomach Surgery

Tube Stomach Surgery

80% of the stomach is removed by closed surgery and the stomach is turned into a long tube like a banana. After this application, appetite decreases and insulin resistance is broken without weight loss yet.

The surgery takes approximately 1.5 hours and the entry and exit of the stomach is preserved and the digestive system is maintained, so the risks are low and undesirable side effects are reported.

Who is Performed Tube Gastric Surgery?

You will have to carry out the following conditions that will undergo surgery:

BMI over 40 kg / m2.
BMI is between 35-40 and obesity due to type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, such as those who are considered extremely obese.

In addition, patients with “new” type 2 diabetes and metabolic disorders due to obesity and BMI between 30-35 can be operated with the decision of further evaluation and medical consultations.

What is the age range of tube stomach surgery?

This application can be made to people aged 18-65 years.

It is important for people under the age of 18 to have the aforementioned diseases in addition to the degree of obesity and requires parental consent as well as physician approval.

65+ people are considered considering the health status and the necessity of surgery.

Does the tube have pain after stomach surgery?

Obesity surgery is performed with laparoscopic, that is, very small incisions. The incisions are millimetric and have no traces.

In laparoscopic operations, abdominal muscles and membranes are not cut and there is no serious pain after surgery. After the operation, the patient is given painkillers and the patient begins to walk in the evening of surgery and usually does not have pain on the 2nd day.

How Much Weight Does People Undergo Tube Gastric Surgery?

Five years after this surgery, they lose 60% of their excess weight. This method is equivalent to gastric bypass in weight loss.

After this operation, the rate of weight gain again is 15%.

What are the risks of tube gastric surgery?

Rarely, side effects can occur in stomach reduction operations. These interventions may cause side effects that may be seen in 1% of the patients, such as postoperative bleeding or leakage, which may be vital if they occur. To detect these leaks, patients are given a radio-opaque fluid orally and checked for leaks. After discharge, the patient should pay attention to fever and newly developed abdominal pain in order to understand leakage.

Nutrition After Tube Gastric Surgery

For the safety of the suture lines, patients are fed with liquid foods for 1 month after discharge and it is obligatory to receive additional protein supplements during the first month.

After this time, patients can switch to normal eating and consume foods and protein.

In postoperative nutrition, all patients are followed by nutrition and diet experts.

People who have this surgery should do sports regularly and eat their meals frequently and with little food.

Sports After Tube Gastric Surgery

Experts by the sport, 3 months after surgery is recommended. For the first three months the development of striated muscles is recommended sports (especially fitness and swimming).

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