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What is Obesity?

What is Obesity Surgery?

As it is commonly known, stomach reduction surgery can be summarized as a closed procedure that develops more and more every day in our country. In this surgery, not all patients receive the same procedure and this is not the best method.

Stomach reduction operations are performed without a large abdominal incision, reaching into the abdomen through millimetric holes. Patients may be discharged within a few days; they can return to their jobs within a week.

Which Stomach Reduction Surgery is Most Common?

The most common stomach reduction surgery is “tube stomach surgery ile with a history of 15 years.

Gastric bypass surgery is another type of gastric reduction surgery. This type of surgery may be the first choice in patients with type 2 diabetes and especially with high BMI.

Who is suitable for obesity surgery?

In order to be eligible for stomach reduction surgery, one has to comply with the definition of “morbidly obese..

According to BMI calculation, the candidates for obesity surgery are:

The BMI is between 35-40 and those who have problems such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea due to obesity are considered morbidly obese (extremely obese). If the body mass index is over 40kg / m², it is extremely obese.

In addition, if olan new ”type 2 diabetes and metabolism disorders due to obesity are between BMI 30-35, surgery can be performed with detailed interviews and evaluation.

In order to be a candidate for obesity surgery, patients should have tried and failed diet regimen at least twice and for at least 6 months.

Is there an age limit for obesity surgery?

The patient must have completed puberty and can be performed after the age of 15-17. The upper age limit can be made at the age of 70 if there are no heart and lung problems.

How is the surgical method decided?

The decision on which stomach reduction surgery will be applied to the patient is about a number of details of the patient.

What are the risks of stomach surgery?

The fatal danger in obesity surgery is about one thousandth. Given the health hazards faced by obese patients due to obesity, the danger of stomach reduction surgery is seen as a medically acceptable rate.

Obesity Treatment Methods

Tube Stomach Surgery

It has recently been the most widely used obesity surgery and is known as “stomach reduction surgery.. After tube stomach surgery, the appetite of those who undergo surgery is reduced. Yet insulin resistance is reduced even without weight loss.

Gastric bypass

In these surgeries, the majority of the stomach is bypassed and a low volume (30-50 cc) stomach section is prepared and sutured to the small intestine. Gastric bypass is currently preferred for people who regain weight after a period of tube gastric surgery.

Weight Loss After Gastric Surgery

Those who have obesity surgery, after the operation by following a regular diet and exercise program can lose weight. This process, under the supervision of experts, aims to achieve healthy weight in about 1-1.5 years.

Weight loss improves the health status of patients:

High blood pressure is recovering. 70% of patients can completely stop taking blood pressure medications.
Blood cholesterol improves. Cholesterol levels have been reported to decrease in 80% of patients. Values ​​can return to normal after 2-3 months of surgery.
The danger of heart disease is falling.
A minority of patients with type 2 diabetes may need to take medication.
Those at the diabetic border usually recover completely.
Asthma attacks are greatly reduced, and in some patients are completely resolved.
Respiratory problems improve within a few months of surgery. Many patients are able to repeat the activities and normal routines they had to give up due to respiratory problems.
Sleep apnea syndrome obesity-related sleep problems disappear.
Acid reflux disease

The weight loss process provided by these methods is permanent as long as the rules are followed.

Nutrition After Gastric Surgery

Although a special program has been developed for each patient, the following aspects are important in feeding after tube gastric surgery:

Protein will be the most valuable nutrient in your diet after surgery. You will need to consume about 60 g of protein a day (1 serving of chicken, turkey, fish or 1 portion of low-fat cheese).
Try not to skip meals. Consume at least 3 main meals a day. Apart from this, you should also eat 2 snacks. So you don’t swell your stomach and make your metabolism work faster.
After gastric tube surgery, always eat your meals at the table, setting up a table. Never eat on the counter tops, in front of a TV or computer.
Prepare your meals both in small portions and in small pieces. Use small plates and small cutlery to avoid eating too much food. Eat your food very slowly and chew thoroughly. Do not place the serving plates and pans on the table and never take the second portion.

Drink at least 6-8 glasses of decaffeinated, calorie and still beverages per day. Don’t drink for half an hour before meals. So you don’t get sick.
Use the vitamins and minerals that your doctor prescribes regularly after tube stomach surgery. Do not use any medication or nutritional supplement without asking your doctor.
Do not consider obesity surgery as a diet. These healthy eating habits will become your new lifestyle.

Exercise After Gastric Surgery

The following conditions are important for doing sports after stomach surgery.

Never start exercising without your doctor’s consent. And tell him all the exercises you plan to do.
Start exercising 3 months after the surgery, slowly, and never do exercises longer or different than you were told to lose weight quickly.
In the early period the most suitable exercise for you will be walking. Try to walk at the time and pace recommended by your doctor and counselor.
After surgery, avoid abdominal movements and weight lifting if your doctor allows it.
Choose your favorite exercises. Try to combine different kinds of exercises that will improve your muscle and bone structure and increase your fitness.
Swimming and fitness exercises are extremely ideal.

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